Monday, February 14, 2022

Inaugural Mt. Ashland SkiMo Summit! - in the books


Despite the challenging conditions we had for our inaugural Mt. Ashland SkiMo Summit, we pulled it off.  

Check out these awesome pics from Kevin Jantzer! -

Results here -

We made a webpage -

And a facebook and an instagram account.  

Saturday, January 22, 2022

2022 Shasta Ascension Race!


Spent another fun weekend down in Shasta.  Unlike 2 years ago, Sno-Ball got cancelled... and we haven't had any snow for a while.  So the course was fast, but skiing was mediocre.  Sat, after the race I skied with the boys (demo-ed some skis too) into the sunset.  Sun, we hung out downtown, then went over to Lake Siskiyou to chillax.  

Granted I did this on my tele skis in 2019, I did manage to drop 15 minutes... which is pretty significant in a one hour race.  Pretty stoked!  Goal is to break 55 min... 

Strava from 2022 - - That douglas face killed me! 16:11... Pat did it in 10:44!  If I can do it in under 15 min next year... 


Strava from 2020 -

Post from 2 years ago.

Next day we hung out by Lake Siskiyou and had this beach to ourselves!  Felt like spring!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Bullard's Beach with Bridges, Willumsens, McGradys

Party time!

Kim getting shot up on Fri before we went... this one actually kinda kicked our butt

we lucked out on the weather and the beach was gorgeous


  • Kim and I got our boosters on Fri... and boy o boy... we felt like poo
  • Beaches
    • Devil's Kitchen - has a nice creek for the boys to play in, sheltered from wind, not many people, dog friendly, easy to get down to beach
    • Face Rock - nice place to walk, long walk down
    • Coquille Point - nice place to walk
    • Bullard's Beach gets wind hammered, no respite, no creeks, no rocks.  
  • Fat Biking is fun here, but be sure to wash off the bikes, and check the tides

Next time

  • Whisky Run is awesome..
  • Go check out Whiskey Run Beach - boon docking spot?
  • Argentinian resturant
  • get ice cream at Face Rock Creamer
  • Do the Geocache Adventure Labs in Coquille 
  • Sunday, October 17, 2021

    Euchre Bar Massacre (Yu-Ku-wa-ba-ra) '21


    Read about it here:

    Posts from previous years:
    2020 -
    2019 -

    Saturday, October 2, 2021

    AMC second go!


    Bumped up to "expert" as expert and pros get to ride a bit extra.  Didn't think I'd do well, but managed to get 2nd!  Never won a segment, just consistently got 2nd on all of them.  Ha.

    Uncle Funkle came up for the weekend, so we had to sign him up for the race.

    Andy was doing great until he had a bit of a mechanical that took him out of the running... 

    Nikko lovin' Ullr

    Post from last year... 5th in Sport to 2nd in Expert!  Booya!

    Results here:
     - Cory swept the race winning all 5 stages!  

    Monday, September 6, 2021

    Alsea Falls Mtn Biking - Labor Day weekend


    The kid's crew!  Lovin' spring board laps

    The trails here are purpose built for mtn bikers.  Super fun.  

    Good time to get out of town...

    There's plenty of gnar here as well.  Just hop on Chutes and Boulders... 

    Tucker = tuckered out

    We'd do a morning ride, then the kids would just play in the creek.  

    Shasta & Alsea Falls.

    Check out Zenyn's bike!


    • Team Dirt - these guys maintain the trails.  And you can see the trail conditions here.  Toss them some dough!
    • Trail Forks -
    • Travel Oregon write up -

    Next time
    • Do a few more rips on Chutes & Boulders... maybe in sections so I can familiarize myself with the trail.  

    Sunday, August 22, 2021

    Orman's '21 - Jr. Lifeguard Camp


    Some stava stuff.

    • Sat (Aug 14) - Craig Creek Trail Run - this was a nice run from the swimming hole between the two bridges.  I saw Craig Creek Swimming Area on this run... which is where we ended up a few times in the afternoons. 
    • Sun - Bald Hill Mtn Bike with Ghelfi, Herron, Koster, Carr - Ghelfi ran into some Shasta folks at Orman's, so we had a nice crew to ride with.  Saw a redwood on fire (lightening).  Here's some more info on it from the Redwood NP facebook pages... Bald Hill is a fire road, but it's a pretty fun hill.  Would like to do the loop next time... which would be like 3 hrs, I think.  


    Next time:
    More trail runs in the area.  

    Mtn biking - check out - 
    • Go to Blue Lake?  
    • - Bald Hill Loop