Thursday, July 29, 2021

Kai and Nikko on Shasta!


This was quite the last minute trip.  Taking the boys up Shasta was supposed to take months of training, preparation, etc... but I just decided to go for it.  With the smoke and pandemic it was tough to get them motivated to "train." But I knew that when it came down to it, it was all in their head.  The night before we took off, I told Nikko that I was going to take Kai up Shasta tomorrow and he'll get his chance next year.  He had none of that and threw a HUGE tantrum.  Kai stepped up as a big brother and allowed Nikko to come, even though he knew it would decrease his chances of making it to the top.  I promised Kai that if we had to turn around because of Nikko, I would take him back up there later this year.  So talking to Nikko, we made him promise that there would be absolutely no whining and no turning around because he felt "too tired".  I think this may have been the trick in getting Nikko to the top.  He started whining at one point, then I reminded him of his promise, and that was it.  No more whining, he'd just focus on taking one step after another.  

  • Tues - Thought about Shasta with Kai, up Clear Creek.
  • Wed - Group run, chatted with Ghelfi... figured it was a good idea to just pounce on it if the air was clear.
  • Thur
    • 1 am - transferred the kids to the van (they slept in the back on the drive down).
    • 3:30 am - arrived at the trailhead, geared up and took off up the trail (forgot to start Strava, so it started 15 min later).
    • 8:30 am - "lunch" at UFO rock
    • 10 am - 6.5 hrs from the start, stood on the summit!
    • 12:30 pm - back at Clear Creek springs
    • 2 pm - back at the car!
    • 3:30 pm - cliff jumping at Lower McCloud Falls
Here was my calculation... it took me about 6 hrs. (4 up, 2 down)... so I figure we could do it in maybe 10 hrs? (6.5 up, 3.5 down)... my calculations were pretty good.  The 12 hour timeline was more of a backup.  

Once I saw this, I started packing.

Silly pooch


Smokey Sunrise...

You can see the haze below...

Nikko's first time hiking with poles.  It came in quite useful.

The haze layer never went away. We'll have to return for the views. 

Lunch time at UFO rock

Summit sighting!  Finally

I've never seen that "lake" before on the summit plateau... 

We got suckered into taking the "adventure" route to the summit block.  Not recommended.  Although it did add a bit of spice to our outing.

Summit selfie!


We facetimed with mama.  Hey look!  10 am, that was exactly what I had estimated our time to be... 

after some summit lounging... we didn't see anyone else at the summit and got to spend a good 20 min up there to ourselves.  We did pass probably 5 folks?  And many groups were coming up while we descended.  Some big guided groups too... 

Time for some scree descending!

back at UFO rock

Clear Creek Springs!  

I can see why folks think this is such a sacred place.  

5 min into the car ride... 

So I told them to take a nap... 

And woke them up when we found a waterfall to jump in at.  They got some ice cream, and I promised Nikko a lollipop the size of his face.  

These were not the right footwear.  Not sure what I was thinking... these were on their last legs after having seen 400+ miles, so no biggie.  

Gear - the boys just had camelbacks with a few snacks in them.  I carried a day bag with clothes, buffs, sunglasses, headlamps, sun hat, sunscreen (it got breezy and cold.  You can see we put on jackets and pants near the top).  I also had some sandwiches, a few bag of gummies, and some emergency gear.  We all used poles, and I had my dirty girl gaiters which probably won the best gear award.  

Strava -


  • Leor's Clear Creek Trip -
  • And my trip, inspired by Leor -
  • For those who were wondering... check out these 5 year old twins that summitted Shasta last year -

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Exploring the Rogue '21

We've been getting on the river a bit more this year locally, which has been fun.  We need to get a raft... and doing the Wild and Scenic is high on the list...

Went back to back this weekend...

Monday, July 19, 2021

Mt A X-ride up from Wagner Creek

 Did a nice loop up to Mt. A with Steven.  I really need to get a permanent in the books up here.  A 200k is badly in order... 

Saturday, July 10, 2021

SOB 100k


Given I haven't put up more than 40 mile weeks this year, this race went really well.  I knew it was going to be hot and my strategy was to put my vest on at Potlicker and have 4 bottles with me from that point on.  Also quite nice to run the first section with just a handheld.  I did start cramping up about halfway and had to put down a lot of Gu and water to overcome my body seizing...

Friday, July 2, 2021

Lassen to Brokeoff FKT

Finally got on the FKT list.  This was an amazing day out with Josh.  Things all went according to plan until it didn't for Josh.  

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Russian Wilderness Loopin'


The boys and I did a quick overnighter backpacking trip in the Russian Wilderness.  This campsite was epic, as we were perched overlooking a lake basin set due west so we had an amazing sunset.  Big Blue Lake was a great campsite.  Albert lake was full of fish! Kai caught his first trout on the tenkara rod! Such a fun 2 day adventure.  

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Boys be Timewarpin'


Finally got the boys down Timewarp!  That was a great day.  Nikko said his hands were tired... ha.  

He did score a slurpee at the end... so it was all worth it.  

Next day, I went back up to get the car.