Saturday, June 19, 2021

Cycling Crater Lake

When do the roads close? First snow storm or Nov 1st.  If it's a warm Nov. think about going that first weekend and cycling around.  

Closing Dates in Recent Years
YearNorth Entrance &
West Rim Drive
East Rim Drive
2021October 22October 21
2020November 1November 1
2019November 1October 17
2018October 29October 29
2017November 1October 13
2016October 14October 14
2015November 1November 1
2014October 28October 27
2013October 28October 1
2012October 23October 23
2011November 1November 1
2010October 24October 23
2009October 27October 13

Spring opening process -

Opening Dates in Recent Years
YearNorth Entrance &
West Rim Drive
East Rim DriveWinter
Snow Total
2021May 28June 2525 feet
2020June 9July 1130 feet
2019June 15July 1136 feet
2018May 25June 1629 feet
2017June 22July 2148 feet
2016May 27July 1338 feet
2015May 14June 1116 feet
2014May 23July 121 feet
2013May 15July 230 feet
2012June 11July 1733 feet
2011June 24July 2256 feet
2010June 7July 934 feet
2009June 1June 3039 feet
2008June 20July 1148 feet
2007May 24June 2936 feet
2006June 14July 1448 feet
2005June 10June 2930 feet
2004June 17July 346 feet

Car free weekends - Ride the Rim usually two saturdays in Sept.  


  • Ride on the tandem with Nikko -
  • Solo ride back -
Typical scene in the car

The boys cheering Kimbo on.  She'll need an ebike to keep up with Kai.

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