Friday, October 6, 2023

Sky Lakes Wilderness with Josh Cott

 Quick Trip out to Sky Lakes with Josh.  Was supposed to meet up with Torsten as well, but he bailed a day early, we saw him on his way out.  

Sky Lakes and Mtn Lakes Wilderness are pretty close by an gorgeous, but the season is short.  We tried to go in to the Sky Lakes in May thinking maybe we could beat the mosquitos, but we did not.  There was snow on the ground and we were swarmed by mosquitos the entire hike, so we bailed to Lake of the Woods (do they spray there? how come no skeeters?)

You have to go in the fall after the skeeters have died down.  And fall for me is quite busy.  Being a soccer dad, coaching NICA, and school... so it's hard to get out.  But I got to do a quick S24O with Josh on a Thurs, back by Fri, then back past the trailhead I was just at to drive Kai up to Bend for a NICA race...

Ran into a guy who said he caught a 14" big mouth at deep lake.  Other than that guy, we didn't really see anyone.  

Next time, I'd like to go a bit deeper into the lakes basin.  Cliff Lake sounds good.  

  • We went in at Cherry Creek TH, easy access. Dirt, but could've made it in a Prius.  
  • Nannie Creek is just above that, might be another decent option, especially if I want to get into the Seven Lakes Basin.
  • Get up Jupiter, Venus, Lee, and Violet Hill, 

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