Monday, February 9, 2015

Resolutions for 2015 & reviewing 2014

edited from my 2014 list...

at Vincent Arroyo, Nikko loving his crib.
On Going Annual Goals (note, these aren't "resolutions"... rather goals... as I know I won't be able to do all/most of them....)

I did an acceptable job in this category, getting out quite a bit.  Being injury free and having a flexible schedule helped.  

on the Skyline 50k
didn't get to do a 50 miler as once I was in shape to try one, my ankle started acting up and I couldn't run for a while.  So then I focused on cycling.  But I did get to do the Skyline Trail 50k in Jasper NP, which was a real treat... other highlights include the EB-MUD a thon... which was a lot tougher than I expected.  One thing I really wanted to do was another solo peak bagging trail run like I did up Lyell in 2013.  So I'll add that to my annual goals.
  • do a 50 miler
  • do a long run in the Sierras.  
  • do several longer runs on my list...
    • East Bay Skyline, Tam, Ohlone, Skyline to the Sea, Ridge to Bridge, Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, Tenaya Rim Loop, Big Sur
B, at the finish of the TS100.  That pic describes it all...
I didn't get to do a 600k as we had planned, as Sigman and I focused on the Tahoe Sierra 100 mountain bike race.  Which was the toughest race imaginable.  I think the finish rate was something like 30%, and I saw 2 folks go straight to the hospital from the finish line... 
  • For 2015, I'd like to go on a bikepacking trip.  I'm eyeing the Steens Mountains.  
  • Gonna add do a Wheelie!
  • 600k brevet?
    • 2014: Nope... not even a 300k.  But the TS100 should count.  Still putting that on the list... doubtful.
  • at least 6 centuries... I think I only did 4... alas... let's see if I can do 6 this year.  
Summit of Shastas with B
  • 2014 was a meager year, but highlights include: Shasta with Barrett, North Peak with Stefan, Lassen with Metres, two powder days at Sugar Bowl, spending family time and teaching Kai how to ski!  I can't wait get Kai on the snow... 
  • Goals for 2015:
    • Go on a ski trip!  From now on, I'm planning one ski trip a year.  This year we are headed to Bell Lake Yurt in Montana! 
    • And I'm gonna add... go pond skimming... 
photo: tom holub... looks like I have an eye patch.  Arrrrgh!
  • Wasn't very successful in reaching my uni goals.  I think this will come more naturally when Kai starts unicycling.  Which is another goal I just added.  
  • new 2015 goal: Teach Kai to Unicycle
  • Goals from 2014:
    • Wheelwalk 10 ft... yeah I need to work on this... 
    • Coker ride up Tam or Hamilton... nope... but I did get on my coker this year. Logging around 200 miles.  
    • Get a MUNI & ride it monthly... still working on this... 
The whole fam on Manzanita Lake on Memorial Day.
  • from 2014:
    • go on a few thurs night paddles with John B... never did manag to get out.  Did go out to Albany Shoal with Mi-Suk and met up with the folks.  
    • get a bomber roll on both sides... not so bomber... need to go on a few more practice rolling sessions
    • back deck roll? - nope
    • commute to work 12 times.  I think I did it more like 8 times.  Oh well.  

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