Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Resolutions

updated from my 2015 list...

On Going Annual Goals (note: these aren't "resolutions"... rather goals... as I know I won't be able to do all/most of them....
Pt. Reyes.  A fun 10 miler out to Alamere Falls. 
2015 was the year of cycling.  Didn't get out on any real long runs.  A few 20 milers, but nothing notable.  If my ankle holds up I want to ramp up my miles and finally do a 50 miler... so nothing changed here.  
  • do a 50 miler
  • do a long run in the Sierras.  
  • do several longer runs on my list...
    • 2015 - most notable may have been Alamere Falls... 
    • East Bay Skyline, Tam, Ohlone, Skyline to the Sea, Ridge to Bridge, Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, Tenaya Rim Loop, Big Sur

2015-07-30 15 06 56
The three musty muskateers atop Steens Mtn.  
Finished a 600k!  Weehaw.  And went on a pseudo bikepacking trip around the Steens Mtns, which was a highlight.  
Summit of Shastas with B
  • Goals for 2016:
    • Ski trip - going to AK with the boys in April!  Woot woot!
    • Do a E. Side Peak
  • Goals for 2015:
    • Go on a ski trip!  From now on, I'm planning one ski trip a year.  This year we are headed to Bell Lake Yurt in Montana! - that was awesome...
    • And I'm gonna add... go pond skimming...  this turns out to be tough... as the conditions have to be perfect.  Next time I get the opportunity, I will make it a priority. - didn't get to do it last year either...
  • 2014: was a meager year, but highlights include: Shasta with Barrett, North Peak with Stefan, Lassen with Metres, two powder days at Sugar Bowl, spending family time and teaching Kai how to ski!  I can't wait get Kai on the snow... 
  • go on a hut trip
  • climb Shasta
photo: tom holub... looks like I have an eye patch.  Arrrrgh!
  • Wasn't very successful in reaching my uni goals.  I think this will come more naturally when Kai starts unicycling.  Which is another goal I just added.  
  • 2016 goal: 
    • Teach Kai to Unicycle
  • goals from 2015: 
    • Teach Kai to Uni - progressing... but not quite there yet...I did get a MUNI and I've been riding it around... I've done Chaparral w/o any dabs and have had some fun sessions with Tom and Co on Side O.  
  • Goals from 2014:
    • Wheelwalk 10 ft... yeah I need to work on this... this has been on my list forever...
    • Coker ride up Tam or Hamilton... nope... but I did get on my coker a few times this year logging around 200 miles.  
    • get a MUNI!  

about to tumble...
  • Goals for 2016: 
    • go to a few rolling classes
    • get out at least once a month
    • go SUP surfing 6x.
  • get out on the canoe/kayak/surfski... just get out on the water more..
  • 2015: I'm pretty sure I got out at least once a month.  I paddled across the bay 7 times, all solo.  The point reyes cycling/paddle adventure was amazing, loon lake, spring lake... fun times. I won't be commuting as much since we moved offices.  Alas... might be time to start selling a few boats.  
  • Goals from 2014:
    • go on a few thurs night paddles with John B... never did manag to get out.  Did go out to Albany Shoal with Mi-Suk and met up with the folks.  
    • get a bomber roll on both sides... not so bomber... need to go on a few more practice rolling sessions
    • back deck roll? - nope
    • commute to work 12 times.  I think I did it more like 8 times.  

Kai the slabmaster...
  • tag a new 14er (10 of 15 done...)
    • 2015: was a bad year for climbing for me... never really got out in the alpine environment...
    • 2014: Didn't make it up a new one... but I did make it up Sill again with Nick... but I guess I did go up 2 new ones the year before, so I'll give myself a pass.  
    • 2013: Williamson and Tyndall with Scott
backflippin' in Alameda
  • Do a 1 min (free) handstand
    • 2015: I've been taking Parkour classes, which has helped this goal.  But 1 min turns out to be quite a long time.  I'm up to about 20 seconds.  
  • Work on my Front Flip & Side Flip
  • keep progressing on my planche & front lever
  • Crow to Handstand.  

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  1. Rad! Love this style of resolution!! Great idea for keeping goal oriented!